Gears on Gallium 2014.08.03 Nine Edition

Released an updated Gears on Gallium:
openSUSE – 13.1
Mesa-git – 10.3_git2014.08.02 with gallium-nine
Kernel – 3.16-rc7
libdrm – 2.4.99_git2014.07.03
Mesa-demos – 9.1.0_git2014.07.06
wine – 1.7.23 with gallium-nine
xorg-server –
xf86-video-ati – 7.99.99_2014.08.01
xf86-videor-intel – 2.99.99_2014.08.01
xf86-video-nouveau – 1.1.99_2014.07.20
KDE – 4.13.90
LLVM – 3.6
Phoronix Test Suite – 5.2.1

Users root and gog has empy passwords.
The image is the hybrid iso, can be written as the CD and as USB flash drive.
Download 862 mb
md5 9e37fbc21ae3e397a05eb7e434cd0247
sha256 6d1c0d5f2d3ce43564a49959d9d1ce51368ea042f3992a231aa516ea53c7ab92

For r600 and radeonsi hardware use

R600_DEBUG=hyperz for enabling hyperz

How to use wine with gallium nine:
Only tested on radeon hd 6770 and WINEARCH=win32
It’s better make /home/gog/.wine as symlink to external hdd\\usb (ram disk is only 500 mb)
Do not forget import /home/gog/winereg.reg registry file to enable gallium nine.



  1. No problem, do what you want.

  2. I’m gonna try to get this to work as a Docker container. If I get it up and running, is it ok if I upload it to the Docker repository?

    I will make sure to credit you and link to this page!

  3. artivision

    SUSE Factory is the way to go i believe. No rolling release Linux will die soon. Then a 32bit version is needed. Thanks for your work.

  4. Gallium nine not work on radeonsi, or it just not work on my hd 7790.

    Is there a big difference between 3.16-rc7 and 3.16?

  5. Hi, I’m quite exited how my hd 7850 will be work with gallium-nine. I’ve one proposal for you, can you update kernel to stable 3.16?